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As the General Director of the company, my colleagues and I are working on providing our customers with our service’s punctuality, reliability and high standard.

Dénes Papp

General Director

About Us

The HRT Intertrans Kft. is part of the HRT group. It aims to become a determining part of the transporting business, while also widening its fleet in the process. The evolution of HRT Spedition is a great example of how one can improve successfully with the help of continuous challenges.

The HRT group became successful for providing quality service to its customers, thus proving its worth to them. HRT Intertrans Kft. has a serious plan for the upcoming years, wich it will consequently keep to.

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Our Services

HRT Intertrans Kft. is a part of the HRT group and has aimed at further elevating the group’s professional recognition regarding transportation. Our plans include becoming a determinative part of the transportation business with the help of the high quality of our service. Choose us and make sure of our high-level professional expertise.

Transporting cargo

The annual 70.000 contract is proof enough that you are in the right place if you are looking for transportation on either home soil, abroad, by land, sea or air.


We are able to provide both small and large (market-sized) storages all across Europe. Your cargo is safe with us.

Complex Logistics

HRT’s most valuable philosophy include flexible, up to the European standard administration, personalized constructions and exemplary customer relationships.

Our fleet

Be the cargo only one pallet, thirty-three, or even more, HRT is ready to accept it. Our fleet is at the head of today’s engineering standard and is able to provide that your cargo will get to its destination in a way that meets your expectations.

Our modern and safe Volvo trucks provide a smooth and safe transportation alongside with our Kögel trailers which are up to German standard.

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